The Dayton Area Plastic Modelers Society was formed in July 1968 at Wright Patterson AFB. In August that year, Jim Sage (the founder of IPMS USA) titled the chapter IPMS Dayton. The group has a 50 year history of involvement in all aspects of scale modeling.
In addition to building various types of models our members have been involved in model kit design, the research of artifacts for manufacturers, the research of historical information for publication, providing models for exhibit, and active involvement in local and national level competition.
We are both students and teachers of the hobby. We offer various meeting opportunities throughout the month. These meetings and classes are centered on sharing expertise in areas such as painting, assembly, scratch building, and we also offer lectures and classes on the use of specialized tools, techniques, and discuss both historical and relevant trends in the hobby.
DAPMS is a diverse group, representing many walks of life and experience. We are made up of, aeronautical engineers, military members, doctors, technical workers, retirees and students.
It is our hope and focus to bring the love of scale modeling to a new generation.